Maintain (alternate) - Shawn Pittman

This is an alternate take from the Delta Groove release…I like this one better…about the tune…
my buddy Lewis Dickson penned these lyrics (with a couple of my own thrown in there)

Lewis grew up across the street from Billy Gibbons. The term “maintain” is best described in Lewis’ own words:

“I grew up in Houston, right across the street from Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top. The Gibbons’ had a maid named Stella. She liked to listen to music as she worked–not our parent’s cornball radio stuff but her 45s from the “other side of town.” It was solid R & B—Elmore James, B.B. King, Bo Didley, Bobby Bland, you name it. Long before Billy got his first guitar at age 11, we’d been dancing, singing, giggling and scratching with Stella. Then and there it began. Not just our love of R & B, but our studious appreciation of the overall “human predicament”—the joy, misfortune, good luck, bad luck, all woven together with simple humor: insightful humor that was both healing and spoke volumes.”

“As this would all unfold, little did I know I would someday become an outspoken fan and friend of Shawn Pittman’s, let alone deliver up some playful lyrics for his consideration. I first heard Shawn on the radio in 2004. I had already left Austin and was heading home. I liked it so much that I turned around, went straight to Waterloo Records and bought the CD (Full Circle). About a year later, I saw him play at Gruene Hall—He was the real thing, no question. I introduced myself. He was friendly, funny, down to earth and very serious about the gift of his talent. We have been good friends ever since.”

‘Maintain’ is an expression Billy G and I made up years ago. When parting company, instead of saying, “Stay cool”, we’d say, “Maintain” (your cool). In the song, our hero sees a chick so smoking hot, it’s all he can do just to “maintain” (keep his cool). Either way, she’s in complete control.”

-Lewis Dickson

Photo by Justine Pelligrin