Well…Since I was talking about the mid-90’s…this was something I wrote back then…just some rock n roll—this was from the last session I did with Jimi Bott and Willie Campbell…was going to overdub vocals but never got around to it…so here it is…..Read More →

Picking up where we left off….. I don’t remember much of the conversation in the van but I know that it was hard for me to be mad at my cousin even though I knew what he did was way wrong. Yes, Sam was being an a -hole and my cousin punched him out. The whole thing was not what I needed especially considering I was trying to be a working musician in Dallas, which was hard enough (this was about 1995). A few days after the incident I remember speaking to Sam at Schooners again. The details are blurry as to how we wereRead More →

I am starting to enjoy writing about some of these stories. Albeit is very easy and safe, to sit behind a computer. I find myself very comfortable in this spot these days. No gigs to book, or players to procure. No set lists to worry about (at least very minimal, I still play a little bit). I am to the point where I feel more comfortable behind a drum set. I enjoy playing guitar but I seem to sound best in my garage.I got a drum gig comin’ up and I think back to a time in Dallas somewhere in the spring of 1995 orRead More →

–Disclaimer –some things in this are for mature audiences only– I wanted to talk a little about my circumstances shortly after recording my second record (Something’s Gotta Give). I was living on East Side Avenue (referred to as ‘drug alley’ by the cops). I reluctantly moved into a cool duplex that was an old house built in 1908, my ex girlfriend talked me into it. I know it sounds like I am passing the buck again. Gee, move next door to your ex…Great idea! But it was re done on the inside and was a cool pad… I won’t go into details but you canRead More →

Dallas, TX 1998 ‘The Flat Tire’     I borrowed $3500 from my Uncle and made a self release entitled “Blues From Dallas” (which a few people said I should have changed that title)…enter: Ron Levy.  He was founder or co- founder of Rounder Records (I wasn’t real clear on that..Rounder and Bullseye have their own story and you will have to look that up). Of course I didn’t know anything about labels all I knew was what Chuck Nevitt told me about distribution until my head would spin. Hash Brown told me it was a good opportunity and then I knew that Ron playedRead More →