This is a Lightnin’ Hopkins tune…I was messin’ around over the weekend…Figured I would do a simple acoustic guitar tune…   I also found this picture from the old T’C’s Lounge in Austin,TX…notice anything about the sign behind me?Read More →

This is the last of the ‘unreleased’ music left over from my last studio effort in 2012…can’t believe it’s been four years! Probably time to do a new record…this time I want a real engineer to mix and a real engineer to master! (anyone else but me!) Jimi Bott on drums… Willie Campbell on bass… The vocals were meant to be a scratch track..but they don’t bother me too bad…I like the drums bleedin’ through…I added the hammond myself later… I already have the songs together..I’m 41 years old…still got got something in the tank just no money to lose anymore:)    Read More →

Here is a cool set from a gig in Finland, Mn at Nine Mile Lodge in 2002 or so. I’m good friends with the Foster family who owned and operated it. Mark Foster recently passed away and I dedicate this to him. A special thanks to Tom Hyslop who recorded this. I have to mention I can tell that I was singing through my 1968 Shure Vocal Master columns…love that sound! The musicians on this are: Paul Linden on harmonica, Bracken Hale on bass and Corey Keller on drums…      Read More →