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¬†Muscle has memory and reflex and sometimes that can get us stuck in bad habits on the guitar. For Instance, we are tempted to over bend strings or add too much vibrato when it isn’t necessary. While these things are subjective to taste, knowing when to simply pick one note and letting it ring can […]

Through the years I have learned a valuable lesson: What you DON’T play is equally as important as what you DO play. You don’t have to put everything that comes to mind and more into a phrase. This goes for lead and rhythm. If you think of what you are playing as a sentence ( […]

Let me start by saying I am no virtuoso guitar player. However, I have gone to great lengths to learn how to play what I like. I teach the fundamentals of blues. The building blocks and basics. I start withJimmy Reed and cover the different ways to do the shuffles in open strings and something […]