Free Stream

June 8, 2016 s_PITTMAN13 0

Well…Since I was talking about the mid-90’s…this was something I wrote back then…just some rock n roll—this was from the last session I did with […]

The Fillmore

May 11, 2016 s_PITTMAN13 0

Around the time that I was recording my second album I struck up a friendship with Susan Tedeschi. Susan was starting to get some real […]

The Flat Tire

May 6, 2016 s_PITTMAN13 0

Dallas, TX 1998 ‘The Flat Tire’     I borrowed $3500 from my Uncle and made a self release entitled “Blues From Dallas” (which a […]

The BB

May 6, 2016 s_PITTMAN13 0

I am skipping forward a bit to the next record with Cannonball. I did learn a lot from Ron Levy. I remember standing outside The […]